During the first stage of the project we will be examining 22 manuscript volumes located in Portugal (8), Spain (12) and France (2), plus one Portuguese print. These are:

E-Bbc M. 454
E-Boc Ms. 5
E-Mp Ms. II-1335 (Cancionero musical de Palacio)
E-Sco Ms. 5-5-20 and Ms. 7-1-28 (Cancionero de Sevilla)
E-Sc Biblioteca del Coro Ms. 1
E-SE Ms. s.s. (Cancionero de Segovia)
E-Tc Ms. 21
E-TZ Ms. 2-3 and Ms. 5
E-V Ms. 5
E-Vp Ms. s.s. (Diego Sanchez Codex)
F-Peb Ms. Masson 56 (Cancioneiro Masson)
F-Pn Nouvelles Acquisitions Fr. Ms. 4379
Gonçalo de Baena, Arte nouamente inuentada pera aprender a tanger (Lisboa, German Galharde, 1540)
P-Cug MM 6, MM 9, MM 12, MM 32, MM 48 and MM 53
P-Em Ms. 11793 (Cancioneiro de Elvas)
P-Ln CIC 60

Information on most of the manuscripts (though not always complete or accurate) can be found on the DIAMM website. For the Spanish manuscripts, please refer to the Books of Hispanic Polyphony database.

Some of the sources for this project are available online. The Portuguese Early Music Database offers full reproductions in high-resolution images, descriptions and inventories of the following Portuguese manuscripts:

P-Cug MM 6
P-Cug MM 9
P-Cug MM 12
P-Cug MM 32
P-Cug MM 48
P-Cug MM 53
P-Ln CIC 60 (this manuscript is also available in low-resolution colour images through the National Library of Portugal here).

E-Bbc M. 454 is provided by Biblioteca de Catalunya under the title “Cançoner de Barcelona”.

E-Boc Ms. 5 is available through the website of the Centre de Documentació de l’Orfeó Català.

E-V Ms. 5 is available for online consultation on Contrapunto, the website of the research project Música y Cultura en el Reino de Castilla (1500-1730): Fuentes, Contexto y Comunicación, based at the Universidad de Valladolid.

F-Peb Ms. Masson 56 (Cancioneiro Masson) is available at the BVMM-Bibliothèque virtuelle des manuscrits médiévaux.

The ISMLP website provides reproductions of the following sources, made from microfilm or printed facsimile editions:

Gonçalo de Baena, Arte nouamente inuentada pera aprender a tanger (Lisboa, German Galharde, 1540)
E-Sco Ms. 7-1-28 (Cancionero de Sevilla)
E-SE Ms. s.s. (Cancionero de Segovia)
P-Em Ms. 11793 (Cancioneiro de Elvas)

E-Mp Ms II-1335 (Cancionero musical de Palacio) was originally made available through the Spanish Real Biblioteca website for online consultation. An unofficial downloadable reproduction of this manuscript is also on the ISMLP.